Buy freight for your letters & packages online. If you are sending a letter, you will receive a code that you can print or write on the envelope.

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Prices – Business and Private

Here you can buy postage and stamps online or find prices for letters, parcels and other products and services valid for 2021.

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Flexible Delivery

The delivery is an integral part of the purchase decision. Consumers will decide where and when the package will be delivered, and would like to shop again if they have had a good experience with the delivery. That's why we offer delivery forms that make it easy and safe for your customers to shop in your online store.



Pick up parcels from the Pakkeboksen terminal. You will find free, easy-to-use Pakkeboksen terminals across the country.

Unattended Delivery


Instead of us delivering your parcel for pickup at a service point or a parcel box by default, you can now redirect your parcel while it is on its way and make your own choice.



Unattended delivery service offers you flexibility because nobody needs to be ‘in’ when we deliver your parcels.

The Safest Distance Between Two Points.